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New Store Launch Winter 2020

Our Giving Project

Our giving project

Once there was a young woman who believed that to give a part of herself to those less fortunate somehow balanced the karmic waves of the Universe and she spent the better part of her 20's doing just that. Whether it was food drives for the homeless, clean needle programs to curb dangerous drug use in the inner city, designing jewelry and ad campaigns for AIDS organizations, to crisis response for those women at-need in local and national domestic violence shelters, this single mom felt drawn to caring for those less fortunate. 

Fast forward to life-changing joys and some unexpected challenges too, and her desire to do something, even the smallest something while incorporating career experience, industry connections, and community interest brought about an opportunity to return to charitable giving in a unique way.

Cleo & Fig became the one simple solution to her belief that sharing is caring.

This concept of a lifestyle store that also gives back isn't new, it's not revolutionary and it won't change the world, but everyone who's a part of Cleo & Fig does believe that you can make a difference in a life for the better even if it's a small gesture of kindness. Our give back efforts extend to those organizations we believe can benefit from our online sales each season, and you our customers are the most important givers of all - each time you select an item and make your purchase on Cleo & Fig, or if you happen to shop with us at one of our popup shops, you can feel really good in the knowledge you not only found something fabulous to wear, decorate your home or gift to someone special, but you became one of our many giving ambassadors and for that we are so very grateful.  


Cleo & Fig will be donating a percentage of all online sales and popup shop events wherever possible to No Kid Hungry. Millions of vulnerable children are losing the healthy meals they depend on as the coronavirus closes schools nationwide. No Kid Hungry will be, among other amazing things be:

  • Making sure families know how to find meals while schools are closed. 
  • Continuing our work to ensure every kid gets three meals a day.

So there's no confusion about our mission, Cleo & Fig is a for-profit retail business who gives a portion of sales to select nonprofit organizations. We are not a 501c3 designated charity and we are not tax exempt. For specific details regarding our quarterly giving statements please contact us at for details. 

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